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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Into the dawn of a New Year

I always grow thoughtful at this time of year.

Who among us doesn't ?

A time to reflect.

Pray for mercy,

peace  ~

and good health for all we know and love.

Dream of days filled with happy stitching.

Holidays to come.

Friends and family all around.

Music and laughter.

Less suffering and sorrow in this weary world.

And most of all,

being thankful for all of God's goodness to us.

A blessed 2013 to you all.

Love and stitches,

Anita xxxx


  1. My dear friend, thanks so much for your words... I wish you an wonderful 2013 full of joy and full of everything will make you happy.
    I adore the music of your blog. I know it as GreenSleaves, a medieval song... Henry VIII wrote the words. I see that thi version's entitled What child is this... It's magic....

    Happy new year my dear Anita...

  2. Isobel, dear friend!
    Thank you so much :)
    I heard this version a few days ago and fell in love with it too.
    I didn't know Henry the VIII wrote it!
    I pray for a happy and healthy new year for us all.
    I'm excited that I found you!
    Can't wait to see what lovely designs you send our way.
    Happy 2013, dear dear friend!
    Love ever,