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Sunday, 16 December 2012

At morning, wrapped in frost

We woke this morning to another beautiful,

frosty Sunday morning.

Yesterday we had a lovely day out to our new ( £6 million to build)

Titanic centre with my son and his girlfriend.

We had lovely nibbles before we left and

I gave them this as a Christmas present

They were thrilled and couldn't notice any of the million mistakes I'd made lol.

I'm loving these frosty, silent days.

However yesterday my heart was aching because of the  tragic events at the school in Connecticut.

It beggars belief that a young man can take guns

( which unbelievably were registered to his mom!)

Kill her,

and then go on to kill teachers and little ones.

One of those,

Charlotte Bacon, was the grand-daughter of a missionary family from Overseas Missionary Fellowship,

( with whom I've been involved with for many years.)

So close to Christmas,

all those little gifts that won't be opened on Christmas Day.

It's hard to make sense of it all.

I have to continue holding on to my hope as a Christian however,

that God never intended for us to live in a fallen, broken world.

And that at this time of year,

the coming of Jesus reminds me that He came to make things right again.

I hope you are well dear friends

and as I am, in the words of President Obama...

hugging my kids a little tighter.

Love and stitches

Anita xxx

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