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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

I was born warm.

Ok, not really ...

but I am warm ALL the time.

It's my age, my chubbiness.

Working in a hospital to me ~

is akin to  sitting in an oven on a summer's day

while  someone blow drys my hair.

Is it any wonder then that I love snowy weather?

When my son's girlfriend came to live with us almost two years ago,

she brought the snow.

It was the heaviest snowfall the UK had seen in quite a few years.

This made me happy.

She makes me happy.

This shot was taken two years at our five star hotel in  Belfast,

the Merchant.

We had gone for afternoon tea  

and had the loveliest of days.

What was I saying?

Oh yes.


I'm enjoying stitching this

Working on linen is quite the challenge.

I love the words.

Sleigh bells ring! 

It reminds of that wonderful snowy Christmas.

That  a certain little snow bunny 

came from the sunshine state to be with us.

These days have been busy.

But packed with love and laughter.

A lovely friend bought me these because she know I love to sew, sew, sew.

And knit, when time allows.
Aren't they such cuties?

I'm off now to get a few stitches sewn before dinner.

Here's a little something for Y'all.

Kisses and stitches ( still got to change that title :)

Anita xxx

Thursday, 18 October 2012

All the little fairies

At last!

The chickens are finished :)

Time for a new project!

I finished this tonight ( Thanks Zaza :)

I'm so excited to get started on something Christmassey 

I've decided to overlook Hallowe'en completely.

I'm so so nervous about sewing on linen and evenweave

 I get an anxiety attack every time I think of it.

( Not really, just kidding. :)

However I am nervous 

as I've spent my hard earned dosh on three pieces of material 

that I have no idea what to do with!

* Sighs*

I wish a cross stitch fairy would come and teach me.

Oh and of course I need a French speaking cross stitch fairy too, 

as my French cross stitch magazines 

 arrived in the post today.

I hope you are well, dears, 

and loving every little stitch you make.

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Kisses and stitches,

Anita xxx

Saturday, 13 October 2012

All the pretty days

Where do all the pretty days go?

The time whizzes by, 

taking care of my family, 

cooking and clearing,

loving the colours of fall,

and of course; stitching when I can.

Today was one of those days,

we met my eldest son in town for

fabulous pumpkin spiced lattes

( Thank you Starbucks for bringing them to the UK :)

and then a  little Christmas shopping as Andrew is heading to the

States later in the year.

Isn't he handsome? All 6'3 of him :)

This is where we sat in the sun having our coffee 

My darling husband, I think he is gorgeous too :)

This is our favourite Deli in our city centre 

Now home to 
( hopefully )
finish this 

and enjoy the rest of all the pretty days

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

When Christmas comes


                                          Don't you love it when things arrive in the post?

                                        I was squeaking with happiness when these lovely

                                                             things arrived today.

The threads for the lovely Zaza Picque design

The magazine that *almost*cost me £30 :)

Little house Needleworks charts and threads

These threads have the prettiest names!

And finally, my first finish of Twenty twelve!

Ta da! 

I give you ... * drum roll please*

New York Sampler 

I'm such an inexperienced stitcher but I so pleased

 with the final outcome!

Now if only the weekend was here. 

I want to bake pumpkin cookies 

and fill the house with all the scents of Autumn, 

and of course spend as much time stitching as possible ...

May the weekend come quickly for you too !

Stitches and kisses, 

Anita xxx

Monday, 1 October 2012

Dreamy days

Isn't it dreamy?
We are incurable romantics lol

If you come to Ireland, eat here!

One thing all cross stitchers have in common,

is thinking about their next project.

Or so it would seem.

From all the blogs I read,

every one of us gals has a basket ( somewhere)

full of WIP'S  ( works in progress )

or UFO'S ( unfinished objects.  :)

I was thinking about this yesterday,


 in a moment of complete lunacy;

paid £30 for a much sought after magazine that flies off the

shelves as soon as it hits them.

Naturally the moment passed.

I'm saving for our next weekend away. ;)

Last night, we ate in the  hotel restaurant which is an old,

beautifully restored church.

It was totally romantic, all the old arched windows,

candles glowing~

they even had prayer books on tiny pedestals.

The food was fabulous.

When we got back to our room, I was skipping round the internet

and came across the lovely folks in Wye needle craft .

Guess what I found there?


* That * magazine, that I ALMOST paid thirty pounds for.

For the lovely price of £ 7.99, and a few pounds postage.

More UFOS, here I come !

I managed finally to the get the border of my chickens finished,

and am enjoying it very much.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend,

stitching and dreaming,

but most of all,

being loved.

Kisses and stitches,

Anita xxx