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Monday, 1 October 2012

Dreamy days

Isn't it dreamy?
We are incurable romantics lol

If you come to Ireland, eat here!

One thing all cross stitchers have in common,

is thinking about their next project.

Or so it would seem.

From all the blogs I read,

every one of us gals has a basket ( somewhere)

full of WIP'S  ( works in progress )

or UFO'S ( unfinished objects.  :)

I was thinking about this yesterday,


 in a moment of complete lunacy;

paid £30 for a much sought after magazine that flies off the

shelves as soon as it hits them.

Naturally the moment passed.

I'm saving for our next weekend away. ;)

Last night, we ate in the  hotel restaurant which is an old,

beautifully restored church.

It was totally romantic, all the old arched windows,

candles glowing~

they even had prayer books on tiny pedestals.

The food was fabulous.

When we got back to our room, I was skipping round the internet

and came across the lovely folks in Wye needle craft .

Guess what I found there?


* That * magazine, that I ALMOST paid thirty pounds for.

For the lovely price of £ 7.99, and a few pounds postage.

More UFOS, here I come !

I managed finally to the get the border of my chickens finished,

and am enjoying it very much.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend,

stitching and dreaming,

but most of all,

being loved.

Kisses and stitches,

Anita xxx

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