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Saturday, 13 October 2012

All the pretty days

Where do all the pretty days go?

The time whizzes by, 

taking care of my family, 

cooking and clearing,

loving the colours of fall,

and of course; stitching when I can.

Today was one of those days,

we met my eldest son in town for

fabulous pumpkin spiced lattes

( Thank you Starbucks for bringing them to the UK :)

and then a  little Christmas shopping as Andrew is heading to the

States later in the year.

Isn't he handsome? All 6'3 of him :)

This is where we sat in the sun having our coffee 

My darling husband, I think he is gorgeous too :)

This is our favourite Deli in our city centre 

Now home to 
( hopefully )
finish this 

and enjoy the rest of all the pretty days


  1. Time flies by so quickly, doesn't it? I can't believe we are already half way through October. Christmas will be upon us before we know it!

    I love this blog and seeing your world through your eyes. I'm loving the pictures of your beautiful family and beautiful you, Anita :)

    I love the sound of your spiced pumpkin lattes. I want to do some seasonal cooking with pumpkins soon - maybe a project for half term.

    Kit (formerly, Amy) xxx

    P.S. Thank you for being my first follower :) though I wasn't hinting in my last blog post lol

  2. Hello darling!
    Aw Kit, thank you so much my sweet.
    The lattes were wonderful.
    You should take that new hubby of yours down to your nearest Starbucks and get him to treat you to one!
    I know you weren't hinting.
    I'm secretly delighted I was your first follower lol xxx
    Anita xxx