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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

When Christmas comes


                                          Don't you love it when things arrive in the post?

                                        I was squeaking with happiness when these lovely

                                                             things arrived today.

The threads for the lovely Zaza Picque design

The magazine that *almost*cost me £30 :)

Little house Needleworks charts and threads

These threads have the prettiest names!

And finally, my first finish of Twenty twelve!

Ta da! 

I give you ... * drum roll please*

New York Sampler 

I'm such an inexperienced stitcher but I so pleased

 with the final outcome!

Now if only the weekend was here. 

I want to bake pumpkin cookies 

and fill the house with all the scents of Autumn, 

and of course spend as much time stitching as possible ...

May the weekend come quickly for you too !

Stitches and kisses, 

Anita xxx

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