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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

This beauteous season

It's been the most wonderful time.

Apart from the fact I had not a minute to stitch before the festive season began.

Next week though,

I'm off on a whole weeks leave and I will stitch more Christmas lovelies!

On Christmas Eve,

Santa arrived early,

bringing these.

From my dear friend Isobel, who has the most wonderful patterns, thread keepers and Etsy shop.

These are the hand painted thread keepers I bought from her store

Aren't they so pretty? They are hand painted. Such talent!

These are my favourite photos from Christmas

I hope you are all well and have had a blessed Christmas time with your loved ones.

Here's to plenty of stitching time in twenty thirteen !

Love and stitches,

Anita xxxx


  1. What a lovely post!!! I'm so happy you love them :)
    Have a wonderful new year my friend :)))))

    1. Thank you Isobel!
      Finding your website was a highlight of this year for me.
      It really was.
      Anita xxxx