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Saturday, 5 January 2013

All of life is a journey

I  said that to my darling husband as we travelled back on the bus from Dublin city centre.

We drove down last night ,

bringing my son and his girlfriend as they were/are travelling on to the USA for a months vacation.

Naturally, I brought my sewing with me.

Have I had time to sew one stitch?


We have been too busy drinking in the sights and sounds of Dublin.

As we travelled back on the bus I was looking out the window

 at the planes flying in to Dublin international airport.

Thinking about how small the world really is.

That all of life really,

is a journey.

I thought of Isobel, in Italy. as I ate this

And looked at, and drank this

I've many more photos to show.

But the internet connection is slower than treacle falling from a spoon.

I'll wish you all a happy Saturday and hopefully some sewing time!

Love and happy stitching,

Anita xxxx

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  1. Sewel and I spent the last day of our honeymoon in Dublin before hopping on the ferry back to England, and this post brought back some wonderful memories. We liked it very much, though it was a nightmare to drive through. We got lost on the way to the ferry terminal!

    I think the fact that you didn't have time for your sewing shows what a wonderful time you had!

    I haven't stiched or knitted anything yet, but I have got started writing again. And, of course, you'll be pleased to know I'm getting more rest now.

    Love, always,

    Kit xxx