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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Isn't this lovely?

And aren't these the prettiest mittens? 

I loved the word mittens from an early age. 

To my five year old heart the word envoked feelings of security and warmth and love.

All because of a teacher who instilled in me a love of words from that tender age.

I've been busy, my youngest son is flying the nest next Saturday.

We are living in a sea of cardboard boxes.

I try every night to get a little sewing  done, even if the light is poor.

It makes me happy and relaxed!

I hope you are all enjoying a lovely weekend.

I'll post more pictures of * sleigh bells ring * soon.

Love and stitches, 

Anita xxx

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  1. Aw, hope the move goes well and isn't too painful for you :( You must have gotten so used to them being at home. Still, at least the stitching is a great therapy amidst the chaos! xxx

    P.S. I love mittens too, particularly the ones you sent me last Christmas. I wear them ALL year round, particularly when travelling to work as it's always cold at that time in the morning! x