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Sunday, 11 November 2012

All in a November day

Aren't these Autumn days so lovely? 

The trees spilling their leaves onto the waiting earth.




This is my best friend. Isn't she lovely ?

A few weeks ago I went down to our beautiful city Cathedral (St Anne's )

 and took some shots of a family wedding my best friend  was  attending. 

Aren't her girls so pretty?

It's been an emotional week.

My youngest son moved into a beautiful new apartment with my darling American daughter :)

As we were saying goodbye I had a flash back to the day I brought him home from the hospital.

How quickly the years slip by!

People keep saying think of the lower electric bills and food bills

but  a mothers heart doesn't really think that way, does it? 

So today I'm having a mommy day.

Sewing and relaxing and staying in my jammies as long as I dare.

Here's how * Sleigh bells ring* is coming along.

There are more mistakes than I care to point out.

Life is like that. 

Full of mistakes, imperfections~ but I guess that's what makes it so unique! 

I hope you are all enjoying everything that life brings.

All in  a November day.

Love and stitches always,



  1. It looks great! I can't see any mistakes at all, but it's a comfort to me that you too make mistakes when you stitch as I always do!

    Hope your son and his girlfriend are settling into their new home. Are they still nearby? xxx

  2. Hi sweetie! My mistake is the lettering goes beyond the house, and in cross stitch everything is balanced lol .
    Yes they have moved ten minutes from our house. Their apartment is beautiful. I'm so happy for them, but of course I miss them already.
    Want to move to Ireland? Lol xxxx

  3. Hi Anita, thanks for following me, I'm now following you too. We've "met" over on the Little House Needleworks group on Facebook.

    Your "Sleigh Bells Ring" is coming along well, are you getting used to the linen now?