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Thursday, 27 September 2012

All the beautiful things

Look what arrived!

And how quickly!

A friend came to visit me once.

a good friend.

She stayed for a week.

Every night when we were having coffee,

I would see her take out this little piece of material,

and bit by bit I saw a beautiful  picture emerge.

Of a beautiful blue windmill in Amsterdam.

* Sheila, what are you doing?*

I asked one night.

She told me it was a hobby called * Cross Stitch.*

That was over thirty years ago,

and that night, she showed me what to do.

I was hooked, literally,

from then.

Over these years I've had times

( sometimes tough ) when I just didn't feel like

sewing at all.

Recently, I've just discovered the love of it again.

What has amazed me is the AMOUNT of

blogs there are out there about cross stitching.

I could happily spend all night surfing the net,

looking at the beautiful things people create.

When I got in from work tonight, this had arrived in the post.

Don't you just love the little mama bird protecting her eggs?

Zaza thank you :)

How pretty this pattern

I love the reds of Christmas

Now the only dilemma is do I start it or work on on my chickens?

Maybe I should start another poll....

Thanks Isabelle, for another wonderful project :)

Stitches and kisses to you all,

Anita  xxx


  1. Beautiful designs! Christmas always starts early for crafters :)

    I loved reading the story about your discovery of cross stitch all those years ago, and the lady who introduced you to what has become such a beloved hobby. A friend of my husband's has just introduced me to crochet. She even bought me my first set of crochet hooks as a wedding present, but I haven't had the time to 'get hooked' yet :( xxx

  2. hello my darling,
    isn't it wonderful what good things The Lord sends our way?
    I have appreciated creation so much more these last days since I started to sew again,
    the colours, the textures, the beauty in it all...
    And the beauty of friends who come this way!
    All my love,
    Anita xxx